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Window Tinting

WINDOW TINTING Window tinting is one of the best ways to improve the look of your vehicle. As you drive, you’ll find that your vehicle is much cooler and more comfortable. Reasons to Tint Your Vehicle’s Windows #1 Stay Cool #2 Protect Your Skin From the Sun’s UV Rays #3 Reduced Glare #4 Preserve Your Car’s Interior #5 Privacy #6 Security For pricing information on our w...
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Executive Bronze

EXECUTIVE BRONZE If you are one of those who gently uses your vehicle and rarely has anyone in the backseat, this may be just the detail for you. We do much more than the basic while allowing you to remain cost conscious. EXTERIOR HAND WASH AND DRY HAND WAX WITH PREMIUM QUALITY, UV RESISTANT WAX VACUUM INTERIOR AND TRUNK BLOW AND DUST VENTS AND CREVICES ...
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  , and thank you for stopping by. Dailz® is a full-service, on-site detailing company.  We have been faithfully serving the Tampa Bay area since 1998. As an owner operated comp[any, we can assure consistent quality and integrity in meeting your detailing needs. Most of our clients are repeat or referral which speaks volumes about the level of service we provide. Each appointment is i...
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Executive Monthly

EXECUTIVE MONTHLY After bringing your car to a Platinum level, Dtailz will maintain that same "Like New" level by performing a monthly maintenance detail. your car will have less long-term wear, retain a higher resale value, and you get always drive in the "Just Detailed" feel. Why not enjoy the quality of a Platinum Service on a monthly basis for about the same price?         Pricing ...
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Executive Platinum

EXECUTIVE PLATINUM  If you are turning in a lease, selling you car or just bringing it back to that fully detailed feeling, this package is it. Whether for a great gift, a bonus for a colleague, a wonderful holiday bonus, this is sure to please all who receive it. Let's look at what is included: EXTERIOR HAND WASH AND DRY FULLY CLEAN RIMS (FACE AND INTERIOR) MICRO-COMPOU...
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Executive Gold

EXECUTIVE GOLD This package is designed to meet the basic needs of an owners who want to maintain their cars on a quarterly basis and want to stick to most manufacture's recommendations for care. If you just want a spruce or it's been a few months since your last wax, this may just be the the package for you. Let's look at what is included: HAND WASH & WAX VACUUM INTERIOR ...
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